“It's all about the data.”

Every CIO

Digital transformation doesn’t happen overnight, and every government agency has unique missions with diverse goals.  From our perspective and experience it’s largely non-technical factors that determine successful, or unsuccessful, outcomes. Which technologies are best suited for your purpose can be understood only when there is clarity and consensus on:

  • What data is critical to the organization?
  • How do we want to be able to leverage it to help our organization?
  • Who needs access to it, where and when?
  • How do we secure it?
  • What are our objectives/goals/KPI’s?

Our outcome-oriented approach considers the people, processes, technology, and data that comprise the IT environment – current and future state – and we position certified and cost-effective solutions across the six pillars of IT that will make a material impact on, and be appropriate for, the unique goals of the organizations and individuals we serve.

Intentional Business Outcomes




End-User Devices

Enterprise Applications

End-User Applications

Our partnerships reflect our decades of experience working with manufacturers and service providers across these pillars, and we believe It’s part of our mission at Arête Solutions to ask the right questions that guide our clients toward a successful outcome. We ensure the technology we recommend is certified, secure, available, cost-effective, and reliable – whether that technology is LPTA or best-of-breed – as appropriate for our client’s goals. To learn more about our capabilities and partnerships in key technology & procurement solution areas, please see below or contact us directly.

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