Cloud Security

“Every cloud engenders not a storm.”

William Shakespeare

Large government and business organizations are at various stages of adopting hybrid data center architectures, and are aiming to provide their organizations the flexibility and control they want, while ensuring the security they need.

The balance our customers seek is one we have decades of experience guiding customers towards.  Cloud computing and hosted solutions provide undeniable advantages for many applications and workloads, but these decisions have long-term and far reaching implications for the broader IT landscape.

We believe in a balanced, multi-cloud approach to this challenge, and consider the implications on the people, process, and technology for the organization to deliver the application.

For applications whose end-users expect a real-time experience and tolerate no down-time, Kubernetes platforms delivering automated micro-services to containers is the undisputed best way achieve the full potential of cloud infrastructure.  Delivering software through DevOps CI/CD processes is a fundamental shift for most teams, and speaks to the culture of the team.  We aim to help our customer’s people adopt these methods, and bring the processes and technology to help them solve these problems.

The journey to a hybrid, multi-cloud environment is a continuation of the virtualization journey, which is not just about saving money by moving CAPEX to OPEX, but also about simplifying things like application provisioning, maintenance, high availability and disaster recovery – in short – providing a resilient, secure, data oriented outcomes.

We offer expert services resources with substantial past performance and proven methodologies from assessment and planning, through integration and deployment, and into operations and maintenance of complex environments.  Our expert PMO, OCM, and Technical Staff support both on-premise environments and leading CSPs, and our platform proudly supports NIST compliant OEMs as a Small Business, SDVOSB, Diversity Value Added Reseller.