Integrator & VAR

“Support your IT with Cloud-based Hybrid Maintenance Management”

Up to 70% Savings

Arete Solutions is a services platform that is structured to provide maximum agility and efficiency in the delivery of services, products, and solutions.  Our in-house and third-party technical resources are vetted, experienced professionals who have broad and diverse backgrounds supporting large government and corporate environments. 

These capabilities even extend to maintenance service contracts are an often overlooked, but substantial part of the IT budget – typically more than 25% of IT budgets go to supporting OEM maintenance contracts.  

Arete Solutions offer a single repository for Networking, Server, and Storage maintenance services contracts, and offers a hybrid approach to supporting those contracts which substantially reduces the total cost of ownership.  Contracts, assets, service providers (OEM, third-party, self-maintained, uncovered), and data from other software systems can now all be managed from one platform, creating a hub for all contract management activities which puts our Federal customers in control.

Our solution allows our customers to centralize maintenance contracts and optimize the budgets for their Server, Storage, and Networking Equipment.  With the extra budget and team bandwidth, our customers are able to identify and execute more strategic imperatives, like modernizing their IT infrastructure for cybersecurity, or to leverage the cloud.

We offer program and project management, organizational change management, and technical migration support for customers modernizing IT infrastructure with leading technology providers, and are authorized to resell nearly 100 OEM partner products to US Federal and commercial customers.

Our Commitment to Quality Service includes:

Up to 70% off of OEM hardware support costs

Flexible & customizable SLAs combined with simplified support pricing

Consistent SLA met rate of over 98%

Superior logistics coverage of all zones of operation: onsite, on time, every time

L3 & L4 engineers with years of experience in the IT service delivery field

Worldwide coverage with Help Desk & TAC teams

A total commitment to 100% local sparing, regardless of whether the item is:
• high or low failure rate item
• carries high costs or low costs