Identity Orchestration

“Your costs will go down, and your service level will go up”

The Customer Experience

Cloud adoption has spurred cloud-based identity management platforms offered both by legacy identity and access management vendors and new entrants to the market. Cloud options replace monolithic, connector-heavy frameworks with application programming interface (API)-based architectures. They promise elastic scale, pre-built integration with other cloud applications, subscription-based pricing, and accelerated client onboarding times.

Beyond the obvious efficiency gains, cloud-based identity management is likely to provide better options for addressing digital identity needs of the future. Identity models themselves are becoming more user-driven.  Federated digital identity models will become the norm for managing identities that must be shared across multiple inter-dependent organizations. Done well, a move to the cloud can help innovative organizations both improve digital identity management today, and establish a platform for future advancement.

Our aim is to be the product and integration service platform of choice for customers exploring how to better manage their identities, those ready to migrate and purchase licenses, and those looking to improve the value and security of their hybrid cloud environments.

We believe how each unique organization manages their digital identities in their unique hybrid, mobile architectures should be informed by the organization’s broader strategy for cloud, data center, and networking – and equally informed by their comprehensive security program and plans.

There are many aspects to consider in making these decisions, and from a technological perspective that means there is no universal answer.  It’s an individual exercise, and one our team provides a lot of earned perspective to help shape for your unique goals and environment.


Arete Solution’s approach to identity management is to apply our proven methodology for discovery of our customer’s current and future states, and help manage their governance and provisioning, identity management, privileged access management, single-sign-on, and multi-factor authentication.  We partner with leading cloud-based solutions to provide a comprehensive offering so our customers can focus on their core businesses.